Polaroid Stories

Zellerbach Playhouse, UC Berkeley

Directed by: MARGO HALL

Selection of photos by Alessandra Mello

Written By: Naomi Iizuka

Set Design: Justine Law

Lighting Design: Jack Carpenter

Costume Design: Wendy Sparks

Music & Sound: Hannah Birch-Carl

Stage Manager: Arlen Olivo

March 2017


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"sophisticated set"

"the perfect garbage-strewn under-the-freeway set" -Berkeleyside

"the set, the sound and the production were on par with professional performances"  -The Daily Californian

"The brilliant, realistic, ruined concrete set holds three levels of destruction. On Level One the homeless bottom feeders lurk, hiding in holes and corners. Levels Two and Three are the two storied, cold, gray cement buildings, creviced with cracked plaster. These are hovels of despair, worthy of Hades or Lear's Heath." -Theatrius

© 2017 Justine Law

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