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The 39 Steps

The Grove at DaLeveaga Park, Santa Cruz Shakespeare

Directed by: PAUL MULLINS

Written By: Patrick Barlow

Set Design: Justine Law

Props Design: M Woods

Lighting Design: Kent Dorsey

Costume Design: B Modern

Music & Sound: Steven Cahill

Stage Manager: Suzy Tyler

July 2017


Selection of photos by rr jones and Jana Marcus

"...Justine Law's rolling staircase set cleverly adapts to every locale, from music hall to train station to manor house...One door frame on wheels is particularly ingenious." -Good Times

"the wacky, quickly interchangeable set pieces deserve top billing as well"  

"simple, versatile, highly moveable - is just the ticket for this show"

-SC Sentinel

© 2017 Justine Law

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